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A quick announcement:  Sara is having a sabbatical from performing publicly and there are no gigs at present although you may be able to book a private event.  Please feel free to get in touch, download free songs from the music page and enjoy looking around.


The Roaring Twenties

Welcome to our brand new show!

I'm very excited to announce that we have a brand new show for you!  It's based on the music, culture, history, language and humour of the 1920s.  My favourite decade in music!   


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Brum Brum!!!

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Teaser Video 

Coming Soon

Please enjoy browsing the site and come and see and enjoy my show with my friends as


'Sara Spade & The Roaring Twenties!'

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No Prohibition.  
Just music and fun.

Click play and read on . . .

About the show



Sara Spade & The Roaring Twenties is a cabaret style music show designed for pure fun, blasting away the blues by time traveling to the 1920s and back again with Sara and her band.  


Along the way will be some century hopping capers to juxtapose the jazz age and tunes of the twenty twenties.  Try saying that with a few Prohibition Cocktails inside you!   



Flea Hop to Tik Tok 

Wireless to Wifi

Cakewalk to WAP


We've come a long way... or have we?

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About Sara

Sara Spade has been described as 'Britain's New-Wave-Vintage Nightingale'.   Jools Holland has raved about her record 'Boy Next Door' on his BBC Radio 2 show.  


About The Band

Jonny Mattock, Natasha Thompson, Rod Fogg and sometimes more.   Trio, Quartet or larger.   We play private events too.

Please note! 

There are two different shows / bands listed

'The Moonshine Sisters'

'The Roaring Twenties'  

Please click 'show more' in the events list to check which band you'll be seeing!
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